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Course Description

During this three day accredited course, delegates will learn new development skills which will enhance and ensure the transfer of knowledge to the workplace where it can be measured and evaluated against set and expected outcomes.


Outcomes based education, training and development
• What is OBE?
• OBE principles
• What is skills development?
• Workplace skills plan
• Modes of delivery for training
• Basic terminology
Plan and prepare for development
• What is a Brief?
• Purpose, direction and nature of development
• Clarification of brief
• Development stages
• Resources and equipment needed
Develop learning materials
• Learning activities linked to brief in logical structure and pace
• Functions of learning activities
• Writing learning objectives to illustrate skills and capabilities
• Measure if material is appropriate to level of learner
• Bloom Taxonomy – Affective, Psychomotor and Cognitive
• Principles of Adult learning
• Pitching of language on learners level
Develop learning facilitation Guidelines
• Guidelines provides the facilitator with insight into the learning design, with explanations for selected learning activities and methodologies
• Guidelines provides clear instructions for the facilitation of learning as per the learning design, including descriptions of methodology and strategy
• Guidelines identify equipment, resources, support materials and requirements for implementation of the programme
Pilot and evaluate the development
• Pilot provides useful feedback on the learning programme
• Pilot reveals strengths and weaknesses of the learning material
• Opportunities for improvement are identified.


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3 Days


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