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Course Description

One great need of secretaries and personal assistants is to understand and develop marketing programs for their products and services. Long term success depends on the ability to maintain a strong body of satisfied customers while continually increasing this body with new customers. Our course builds around the marketing concept, which directs secretaries and personal assistants to focus their efforts on identifying, satisfying, and following up the customer's needs and understanding the marketing process. You'll quickly learn about marketing and public relations and how a marketing department works as well as developing cutting-edge marketing skills.

NQF level 4 with 13 credits


On completion of this course delegates will be able to:

• Clearly define what constitutes a project.
• Plan, organise and document a project in a logical manner.
• Use appropriate tools and documents in order to plan the project effectively and to minimise risk.
• Demonstrate knowledge of delegation, time management, decision making and communication skills essential to effective project implementation.
• Review and learn from strengths and weaknesses identified on completion of a project.
• Influence people and negotiate solutions to problems which arise during your projects.

Learning Content

The course will cover the following terms and key concepts:

Module One - Sales and Marketing Principles

1. Market research
2. A market strategy
3. Target marketing
4. The marketing mix
5. Marketing performance
6. How to developing a marketing plan
7. Developing effective advertising
8. Publicity tips
9. Creative selling
10. Company and Product Branding

Module Two - Professional Skills for Executive Secretaries

 The Qualities of a Professional Secretary
 The Role of a Secretary in a Company
 Diary Management
 Business Letter Writing
 Telephone Etiquette
 Decision Making
 Creative Problem Solving
 Communication Skills
 Composing Faxes, Memorandums and E-mails
 Client Care
 Conflict Resolution
 Making Travel/Hotel Arrangements
 Filing Systems
 Time Management
 Organising meetings
 Taking minutes at meetings
 Introduction to Bookkeeping
 Assertiveness
 Document Presentation
 Stress Management


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The course can be successfully completed within approximately 12 - 18 weeks, depending on the learner’s ability to assimilate and interpret the very reader-friendly instructions included in the study material. The learner is required to complete a practical exercises which is submitted to the college for adjudication. Marks are allocated for the assignment and learners who have obtained an average of 50% for all assignments and the examination, will be awarded a Certificate in Marketing Secretarial Studies.


The cost of this course includes study material, supplementary reader, Certificate, Examination and Shipping of material with DHL Courier Services.

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Training material is released within 3 – 5 days after payment has been received as the cost is inclusive of all your training material, supplementary readers, assignments as well as the courier charges so we need to ensure that all costs are covered prior to the release of training material.

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