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Company/Provider: Terrawood cc

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Telephone: 0118942502

Unit 8B Old Trafford Office Park within Bartlett Lake Office Park
169 Leith Road, Bartlett
South Africa

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Course Description

MICT Seta accredited courses from fundamentals to advanced. Our courses are also endorsed by SACE, the South African Council of Educators.


Contact us for available dates.


Varies from between 1 and 5 days.


You are welcomed into a safe, warm and fun learning environment. It is a well known fact that we learn best when we enjoy what we are doing. Respect and consideration for individual needs and expectations is essential. Enquiring minds are embraced to ensure stimulation and growth.

Terrawood cc computer courses provide you with the skills to work smarter rather than harder. You will learn how to become more efficient and productive by creating professional documents in a fraction of the time. By learning to use technology effectively, you can achieve more, manage your time and become more confident.


Boksburg, Gauteng and Nationwide.


Our courses are hosted at Terrawood cc, or alternatively, we can come to your premises, if a suitable venue is available.

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