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Course: Nutrition

This course deals with the DNA, Carbohydrates and Fats as it applies to nutrition. The outcomes of this course will enable the learner to: * Understand the role of nutrition in a person's health * Explain and understand the working of nutrients * Suggest and implement a balanced lifestyle programme Duration of Course: 16 One Day Workshops (1 year course) which includes the following subjects: 1. The Role of Nutrition 2. A Healthful Eating Programme 3. Food and the Human Body 4. Carbohydrates are Source of Energy and Nutrients 5. Fat: Essential Energy-Supplying Nutrient 6. Proteins as Crucial Components of the Body Tissue 7. Fluid and Electrolyte Balance through Nutrients 8. Antioxidant Functioning and Nutrients Concerned 9. Bone Health and Enhancement through Nutrients 10. Metabolism and Blood Health 11. Achieving and Maintaining a Balanced Healthy Body Weight 12. Keys to Good Health: Nutrition and Physical Activities 13. Disordered Eating 14. Food Technology and Safety 15. The Lifecycle and Nutrition: Pregnancy and First Year of Life 16. The Lifecycle and Nutrition: Childhood to Late Adulthood. Come and join in with a healthy lifestyle en emotional fitness.


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