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Nationally presented
Western Cape
South Africa

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To gain understanding and awareness of the principles of effective performance management, and how to apply them
To empower delegates with the skills and confidence to manage challenging individual performance situations
To gain practical and effective communication skills and strategies for appropriate performance management
To be able to set effective team and individual targets and goals, and implement measures of success
To manage effectively the performance review process


Cape Town / Johannesburg / Durban

12 March 2015
19 June 2015
15 September 2015


8 hours(1 day)


• A highly practical workshop, in which objectives, principles and benefits of effective performance mgt are explored and discussed
• Establishing the right climate and attitudes for high performing teams
• Motivating and coaching team players
• Setting performance standards and expectations
• Feedback and coaching case studies
• Communication strategies, incl assertiveness
• Strategies for effective performance appraisals




Cape Town - Southern Sun Hotel, Newlands

Johannesburg - Hackle Brooke Conference Centre, Randburg

Durban - Elarish Conference Centre, On the Bluff

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