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Corner of Langwa & Susan Street
Strijdom Park
South Africa

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How are you managing “change”? Change in Climate Change in Economics Change in Politics Change in Relationships Change in Educational System Change in Security & Crime Change in Time available Change in Consciousness. No use longing for “the good old days” They are gone although not forgotten, they are history. Looking for an answer?

CONCEPTS For Capacity Building and Successful Achievement offer answers to How to handle the Information Explosion Overcoming fear and anger Reprogramming your powerful subconscious mind from Negative Beliefs to Positive Beliefs Unlocking your inner Power and Latent, Infinite Power to Achieve success in ALL aspects of your Life, Building self-esteem & confidence. Mastering the money game Health & Happiness Inquire: How you, your Superiors - Employees, Friends or - Children in High School or University can achieve all these things. Let their lives be empowered to be successful in ALL their endeavours and have fun, freedom, power and contentment in their lives. If you have the desire, the will, the intent; this 4 day course will provide the “KNOW-HOW”


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4 Days


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Corner of Langwa & Susan Street, Strijdom Park.

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