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dlphoto - Photography by David Lazarus

Part time photographic course for people interested in photography as a hobby or a career. Firstly, I advise all students not to go out and buy any cameras or lenses before attending the course. You will initially will need to grasp the area in which you wish to focus on, and that will help determine as to what you will require. A professional camera is supplied for those without the necessary equipment to practice on during the practical modules.

Commitment: Classes are kept small, so as to offer personalized attention to satisfy your needs with a hands on assistance approach. Duration of the course is 4 weeks. Should you not attend on a particular Saturday, or fail to clearly understand something, a time during the week will be appointed to recap on this area.

Outline: The course has been structured to beginners, as well as those interested with some experience in photography. The course is designed in such a way in order to equip you for the industry as a career, as well for the enthusiast. Lessons are mostly practical... like riding a bicycle, you will be able to use your creative eye without having to think how to take the picture. Click here to view the course outline

Because we operate a diary, we'll simply need you to let us know the date you'd like to start. Simply mail it to us. We'll be in contact with you very shortly to let you know what times are available and explain any questions you might like answered.

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Dates and times of Course: Courses run monthly, normally on Saturdays or on a one 2 one basis during the week, which ever is more convenient. Lessons run for a period of 3 - 4 hours per session (small amount of theory with majority of focus on practical and hands on)




Cape Town


Venue: DLphoto Studio, 60 Barnet Street, Gardens, Cape Town (next to Dunkley Square).

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