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A report is supposed to be a tool that decision makers can use to make informed operational and strategic decisions. It should be clear, accurate, structured, readable and above all else, useful!

Report writing is a skill that needs to be learnt and practiced. In order to write a report that will actually be used, you need to fine-tune some key competencies.

This 2 day report writing course will introduce you to the best technical and business report structures and teach you how to incorporate technical data in a user-friendly manner, how to limit ambiguity and finally produce a report that decision makers can not only trust, but actively use to drive key business decisions.

Your comprehensive programme includes:
• Understanding the purpose and key principles that drive the need for effective report writing
• Planning your report and the basic structure of a good report to ensure a logical flow of information
• Overcoming writer’s block when getting started
• Presenting different types of information in the most clear and appropriate way
• Adopting fool proof editing, proof-reading and checking disciplines to ensure flawless reports
• Applying a readability index to ensure your reports are aligned with your original purpose and intent
• Perfecting your reports and applying final touches so they will be easily read by your target audience


JHB: 4-5 May 2015


2 Days


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