Practical Business Rescue

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Company/Provider: UCT Law@Work Professional Development Project

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UCT Middle Campus, Kramer Building, Stanley Road
Cape Town

South Africa

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Judicial management has been replaced by Chapter 6 of the new Companies Act, which has introduced a more modern and flexible business rescue procedure. It has been premised on international best practice and incorporates similar provisions to those found in the US, EU & Australia.

The course will be presented in three stages:
1. The legislation & regulations
2. An analysis of the case law to date
3. The practicalities of business rescue and the methodology of corporate turnaround

This course will benefit all professionals interested in understanding the principles and practicalities of business rescue, including attorneys, legal advisors, aspirant business rescue practitioners, auditors, financial advisors, bankers, business owners and managers, and trade union executives.


11 July 2013


Full day



Cape Town


Kramer building, UCT Middle Campus

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