Practical Corporate Governance in the Public Sector

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Corporate governance in the public sector is increasingly featuring under the spotlight, and ensuring the implementation of good governance should be front of mind of every senior officer and departmental manager in the public sector.

This 1 day course, with a sitting member of the King committee, will cover the key governance issues facing the public sector today and how to implement sound, robust corporate governance in your organisation.

The course will also highlight the relevance to governance in the public sector of the King III Report, the Public Finance Management Act, Act 1 of 1999 (PFMA), the Municipal Management Finance Act (MMFA ), Treasury Regulations (TR) and the Code for Responsible Investing in SA (CRISA)

Your comprehensive programme includes:
• Looking at the evolution of corporate governance, its relevance and landscape today
• Looking at current corporate governance principles and how these relate to the public sector
• Looking at a summary of King III and its effects
• Understanding the roles and responsibilities of public sector directors/officers and senior managers
• Applying solid risk strategies and internal controls
• Looking into public sector governance issues relating to the PFMA, MMFA Act and Treasury Regulations
• Understanding the “Code for Responsible Investing in South Africa” (CRISA)
• Examining the challenges, trends and future thinking of governance in the public sector


PTA: 12 Mar 2015
PTA: 21 Jul 2015


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