Practical Management Program for Supervisors & 1st-line Managers (3-day short course)

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The Practical Management Program for Supervisors and 1st-Line Managers:
• Combines managerial, functional and people-skills training in an integrated, high-impact training program;
• Fuses complex management theories and concepts into practical techniques that are easy to understand and execute;
• Inspires and instructs, with emphasis on the intelligent use of your emotions to manage yourself and your relationships with others.

Register for this unique program and learn how to:
• Employ self-mastery and interpersonal skills to improve your self-confidence and to influence and inspire your team to reach peak performance.
• Apply 7 proven management techniques to become a more efficient and results-driven manager.
• Unlock your leadership potential and motivate and empower your team in 5 easy, practical steps.
• Master the functional competencies necessary to assert yourself in the corporate world.


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The training course are presented as an intense 3 day short course.


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Gauteng & Cape Town


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