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Times are tough out there and companies aren't looking for mere managers but for leaders who take risks, who have the ability to innovate and who can engage and drive performance in their people.

Are you preparing for the next level of leadership or you have been appointed already and you are worried about coping with the new demands of your position? You realise that you need a competitive edge if you really want to compete in a very tough job market. But you honestly don’t have the time to embark on long academic studies and need to learn and master new skills as quickly as possible. If this sounds like you…then keep reading!

The million Rand question is how do you actually prepare yourself for the next level of leadership? What do you actually need to do to get this right? Because leadership is not a mystical skill which is only available to the select few but it is a skill that can be learnt, practiced and perfected over time.

And with this training course, we are offering you a short cut!

Instead of spending hours researching the Internet or reading leadership books from cover-to-cover and hoping that you can figure out what you need to take away and then put into practice, we have developed this 2-day training course. Consider
this course your fast track to leadership excellence - we guarantee it will have a significant impact on your career as we teach you how to set the culture and tone within your team, lead by example and ensure that everyone understands and
responds to the goals and objectives you have identified.

This is one training course you simply can’t afford to miss because no matter what your job title is or where you sit within your organisation, what you learn over these two days will inspire and guide you to push forward your leadership career.


Date:July 10,11 & 12 2017


3 Days



Location: Johannesburg


Venue: Melrose Place Guest Lodge

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