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A workshop designed to help delegates understand their own behaviour models and that of others, as well as how to get the best out of people:
* Are you a difficult person or am I?

Characteristics of Difficult People:
* Perceptions of Difficult People.
* Understanding Yourself - Grounding behaviour.

Behaviour Models:
* Establish your own behaviour model.
* Characteristics of each behaviour model.
* Behaviour model in the work environment.

Understanding Other People:
* Recognising behaviour models in other people.
* Learn to deal with each of the behaviour models
* How to get the best behaviour from your colleagues

Good Listening and Questioning:
* Are you a good listener?
* How to be an active listener.
* Importance of Questioning.
* Different kind of questions.
* Questioning Guidelines

* Causes of Conflict in the Workplace.
* Learn about confrontation.

What to do should conflict arise Assertiveness: * Passive Behaviour.
* Aggressive Behaviour.

Assertive Behaviour:
* How to respond assertively.

A Good Attitude:
* Play the part.
* Learn from past mistakes.
* The right inner attitude.
* Change is good.
* Live a successful and professional life.


17 April 2012
17 July 2012
19 September 2012
6 December 2012


1 Day Workshop


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