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Only a very small percentage of bankers have ever worked for themselves, having to rely entirely on the proceeds of their business.

Because of this fact, it becomes increasingly difficult for them to give PRACTICAL advice to their business clients on issues regarding the ongoing health of the business. In most cases, the only advice tends to be based on theoretical answers which do not necessarily work in practice. For example, a client experiencing major cash flow problems will be told by his banker to reduce debtors, reduce stock levels and expand creditor days. In theory, this is 100% correct, but this only works in theory! The JIT system proffered by academics works very well in Japan, but used in the South African context, the client will be out of business in a matter of months! To tell a client to simply “reduce your debtor days” as an answer to improving cash flows, is about as useful as “just take a ticket in the lottery, win, and all your problems are solved!!”

Bankers need to understand the PRACTICAL implications of theoretical solutions. Many banks are now aggressively advertising the fact that they can offer advice and guidance to their business clients. But how equipped is the average business banker in REALLY being able to deliver on this promise? Inadequate or plain incorrect advice will have dire consequences for the customer, and ultimately the bank.

It is therefore incumbent upon banking institutions to ensure that they can deliver what they promise. This requires a much more informed banker with regard to the REAL issues around business failure and practical solutions to everyday business problems. It is a fact that a great number of business failures are caused by banks and not business managers! When a client goes into excess on his account, there is usually a demand to rectify immediately and further excesses will not be tolerated. By this time, it becomes very difficult to provide assistance to the client. Bankers should be able to work pro-actively with their clients to ensure that problems are solved BEFORE excesses occur on the account.

This programme has been designed to assist the average business banker to understand what issues keep their clients awake at night and provide them with PRACTICAL ways of assisting their clients and building their businesses and preventing excesses before they occur. Delegates will understand what the biggest financial killers of businesses are, and be given practical insight as to how to prevent these killers from affecting their clients’ business. It will focus on how to interact with their clients in solving financial problems, resulting in not only substantial bad debt reductions, but also far more satisfied clients and an increase in referrals for new business.


On completion of this programme, delegates will be able to:

• Gain a practical understanding of the two biggest financial killers of business
o Capital structure
o Cash flow
• Understand the real objectives of a business and see the folly of chasing profits at all costs
• Determine the sustainable growth rate of the business and advise clients on what needs to be done to improve the sustainability of the business in future
• Assess cash flows not only in terms of understanding what has happened to the cash flows in the past, but also in analysing the ability of the business to generate cash flows in the future
• Understand the source of operating cash flows and practical issues regarding the management and control of working capital
• Provide clients with practical advice on how to improve their cash flows, with due concern for the environment in which they do business
• Distinguish between liquidity issues and cash flow issues and the need to manage BOTH.
• Assess the capital structure of the business and understand what factors can cripple the business
• Identify when a business is over borrowed and what practical steps need to be taken to correct the situation BEFORE excesses appear on the account
• Use the correct financial ratios to assess the survival of the business regarding both cash flows and capital structure
• Identify the optimal capital structure of a business
• Use the cash flow forecast as a working document to prevent excesses on the account
• Assist their clients in financing new projects and offer advice regarding the pricing and costing of new products or ventures
• Understand how to use the concept of break-even in a practical manner


This programme is generally run in-house for bankers at a date suitable to the client


Three to four days depending on the existing skills of the delegates


The price quoted is based on a three day programme per person (Excl VAT). A minimum of 10 delegates is required


Anywhere in South Africa or the African Continent



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