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This intensive 2 day course enables public sector delegates to study the theoretical and analytical frameworks of project management within the public service environment, and will show you how to align various project planning components and then integrate these into a single integrated project management plan, for a simple to moderately complex projects.

To ensure this intensive course is not only uniquely aligned to the public sector, but also offers lessons from international best practice projects all over the world, the content incorporates the nine learning areas of the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK), the national treasury template for project management and 2015 capital planning guidelines.

Your comprehensive programme includes:
• Understanding the project life cycle and your role
• Conducting a thorough plan before project kick-off
• Transforming a strategic plan into a comprehensive project plan linking; scope, purpose, strategic alignment, results, timelines, teams and partners
• Completing and communicating a detailed stakeholder analysis
• Understanding the importance of risk assessment and forecasting, assessing and responding to risk
• Applying budgeting and costing methodologies
• Understanding planning techniques such as PERT, Gantt Chart, CMP and Network Diagram
• Controlling the project by monitoring all resources


PTA: 16-17 Apr 2015


2 Days


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