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South Africa

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Bastion training academy offers young people the opportunity of a lifetime to achieve career excellence as a result of adventurous training conducted by former members of the south african special forces, saps task force, the former south african intelligence, community 44, parachute brigade, 7 medical battalion group etc.

All applicants have to pass the preselection in order to enrol on this unique opportunity for young men and ladies alike our exciting training curriculum includes adventurous yet challenging subjects such as:

* Executive protection
* Combat critical care
* Weapon training
* Offensive and highspeed driving orientation
* Psira grade e a training
* Cash in transit
* Armed response
* Map reading land navigation and air photo interpretation
* Bushcraft and survival
* Tracking
* anti tracking
* Camouflage and concealment
* Basic equestrian
* Surveillance
* Counter surveillance
* High angle i rescue rope work
* Cooperation with helicopters
* Parachuting
* House penetration
* Hostage release orientation
* 16 nautical mile skippers licence together with the nsri
* pad i open water i scuba
* Tactical kayaking
* Tactical inflatable boat operations
* Lifesaving
* Anti poaching
* Rural surveillance and much much more.

Do not miss out on this opportunity of a lifetime.


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