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All top performing sales professionals have specific critical traits in common: they close a high percentage of the deals they work on and only spend their valuable time working on deals that either have a high chance of closing or where they stand to make the most profit.

This 1 day sales training course will show you how making small but meaningful changes to your current approach will turn you from a good sales person into a top performer! A whole day out of circulation may seem like a gamble, but what if you could increase your closing ratio? What if you could increase the profit margins on your deals?

This course is jam-packed with real life sales lessons to get you making bigger commissions today!

Your comprehensive programme includes:
• Discovering why building real and believable rapport is the key to great sales!
• Learning how to get some form of commitment upfront to prevent prospects from wasting your time
• Understanding that prospects always want something for nothing - but are discounts the answer?
• Realising that prospects have more experience buying than you have selling, and discovering how to get past the “stall” to a decision
• Learning how to manage your manager, because sometimes, sales management just makes it worse
• Realising that just showing-up doesn’t work; you need to run exciting, astute and successful prospect meetings


JHB: 2 Jun 2015


1 Day


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