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Siyandza Customer Service Training Programme

Effective Tourist Assistance

With the greatest sporting event our beautiful country has ever seen just around the corner, customer service representatives should begin preparing to portray the true nature of our young and vibrant democracy to the many incoming tourists. To do this, customer service representatives must display professional skill, breadth of knowledge and an ability to deliver no matter the circumstances.

To help customer service professionals prepare for this worthy responsibility, Siyandza Skills Development has created the Effective Tourist Assistance Customer Service Programme, training those in a customer-service role to effectively assist tourists. This employee development course is designed to meet the challenges of transferring world-class service skills and soccer-related knowledge to a wide range of customer-facing people, in a relatively short period of time.

Consumer-facing companies that are in the frontline for the influx of tourists in the upcoming year are encouraged to run the customer service training course in order to prepare employees for questions, diversity and cultures presented by visitors, ensuring service of the utmost excellence.

Who Should Attend the Customer Service Training Course?

Any person in a customer facing role, who will have contact with a tourist coming into the country, such as: :
Call centre personnel
Airport personnel
Restaurant personnel
Game volunteers
Ticketing offices

Customer Service Training Course Focus

The Game Component:

Enables representatives to speak knowledgably about the game, regardless of their age, culture or background. Facilitates delegates’ knowledge about game schedules and much more.

Tourism Component:

Teaches delegates to recognise different accents and to practice pronunciation and clarity of speech. Allows delegates to sensitively assist tourists to find accommodation, car hire, restaurants, entertainment, or access forex.




Siyandza Skills Development offers both customised training programs and training services to organisations, as well as public training courses for individual learners. Click on our Public Courses Schedule to view courses available to the public. All of our training is outcomes based and, where possible, is aligned to Unit Standards.

Siyandza Skills Development is a SETA accredited, full service call centre and middle management training provider, committed to delivering outcomes-based training solutions which are tailored to our clients' specific requirements. Siyandza offers both customised training programs and training services to organisations, as well as public training courses for individual learners.

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