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SAQA US 10385 NQF Level 4 5 Credits

Duration: 2 Days

Course Objectives: • Describe the types small business that is legal in South Africa • Explain the registrations required for a small business • Identify the importance of market research • Understand the financial aspects of starting a small business • Compile a basic business plan based on a budget for a SMME Who should attend? • SMME Entrepreneurs • Managers of small businesses • Junior managers of business units in larger organisations • Team leaders, supervisors, first line managers and section heads • 1st Level of management in an organisation who has employees reporting to him/her Course Contents: * Registering Your Business • What are the different types of business (legal!) in S.A.? • What are the legal requirements of each business type? • Costs of registering a business • About input and output VAT • Why you must register with SARS • What are the current rates of taxes having to be paid to SARS? • What is the purpose of a skills levy? • What are the benefits and the purpose of COID? • What are the various industry specific registrations? * Market Research • What is a research viability study? • How to identify your target market and consumer profile • How to identify current competition * Financial Aspects • Sources of finance • Small business support • Suretyship and risk • Capital asset requirements o Typical leasing issues o Typical vehicle issues o IT issues * The Business Plan • Income and expense items, e.g. Sales, interest received and paid, cost of sales, accounting fees, salaries and wages, and staff development costs, bank charges, vehicle and IT related fees, rent and electricity, office refreshments, repairs and maintenance, printing and stationery etc • Evidence of viability of the budget • Basic elements of a business plan for a loan application • How to compile a business plan for a SMME of your choice.


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2 Days


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