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This workshop will help you make sense of the minefield that is "Social Media" and help you understand how to start your own online marketing drive. It's a great kick start for someone new to social media as you will gain solid information and knowledge on how to start defining a marketing strategy that involves networking and social media tools such as Twitter, Linked-in and Facebook. If you have dabbled in social media but find it's not working for you, this workshop will provide you with the action plans to change your effort, this time achieving your objectives!


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8 hours (1 day)


Day 1: Social Media (Theory)
• Understanding social media
• What can social media do for you?
• 8-Point strategy
• Who are you trying to reach?
• Managing followers/friends
• Spam
• Multiple accounts
• Profile accuracy
• Skills & companies
• Connecting with others
• Groups & notifications
• Questions & answers
Twitter 101:
• What is Twitter?
• Setting up a new account ie: Name, bio, URL, avatar, desktop & settings
• Followers & following
• Mentions / Direct Messages / Retweets/ Hashtags / Search
• An overview on how individuals use Facebook
• How to use Facebook Advertising
• Facebook Apps and what you need to know
• Developing content for your Facebook Fan page
• How to add your blog to your Facebook Fan page
• How to leverage events to gain exposure
• The power of teamwork on Facebook
• Ways to increase the number of likes



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