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Cape Town
Western Cape
South Africa

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Target: Students who wish to upgrade their diploma to a full degree or professional fashion designers wanting to extend their training.

1. Couture & Avant-garde
2. Fashion branding


Contact us to discuss your training needs.


6 months (Part-time or Full-time)


Online Support: Up to 80 hours over 6 months

College Equivalence: Equivalent to the 3rd year of college education.

Students may enrol by paying 50% deposit and the outstanding amount is due in 6 additional equal installments over 6 months from the enrollment date.

To make an enquiry or booking about any of our programmes, please use the enquiry / booking form above.

CRE Fashion design school couriers all programs worldwide in 5 business days, which comprise of a textbook for each subject and supplementary drawing templates, fabric charts, a full set of standard pattern blocks and other pattern graphics and drafts as well as sewing samples.


Cape Town


206 Saratoga, Clarens Road, Sea Point

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