Strategic Leadership Skills for Directors and Senior Managers

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The core role of directors and senior managers in business today should be to translate organisational strategy into effective operational performance. While this seems logical, the process behind achieving this goal is convoluted and relies heavily on your skills as a manager and a leader.

This executive 2 day course looks into how to manage strategically in order to ensure continued operational success. You will receive guidance on how to add value to your organisation by the way you think, act and lead.

The course is delivered by an experienced and proven business leader who will demonstrate practical techniques, latest knowledge and new approaches to assist you to manage the bigger picture in your organisations and create a culture of achievement amongst your managers.

Your comprehensive programme includes:
• Assessing the challenges of leading a business in SA
• Coaching and developing your management team, and inspiring them to go and do extraordinary things
• Driving new business strategically in order to return real results as rapidly as possible
• Developing a strategic leadership thinking guideline
• Building strategic thinking skills within your leaders
• Operationalising strategic intent by planning how to contribute towards achieving the company’s vision
• Strategic risk analysis, problem solving and decision making skills to improve your strategic outcomes
• Implementing sound strategy for introducing change into the organisation


JHB: 5-6 Mar 2015
JHB: 23-24 Jul 2015

CT: 23-24 Mar 2015
CT: 16-17 Jul 2015


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