Stress Management (Two-Day)

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Company/Provider: NDJ Consultants

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Northern Lofts, Silver Oaks Crossing
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South Africa

R 4600.00

Course Description

On the First day of the Programme (Theoretical), learners will be taught all they need to know about coping with stress, from identifying the causes and symptoms of stress, to monitoring their response to pressure and implementing coping strategies.

Practical techniques show learners how to analyse and improve stressful work patterns, prioritise, delegate and make time to relax
- Clear text and illustrations cover every aspect of stress management at work
- Simple check lists enable learners to be fully prepared when devising a stress management strategy
- Accessible charts and flow diagrams explore different options for action and provide useful examples

On the Second day of the Programme (Practical), learners will be given the opportunity to experience decadent revitalisation, pampering and de-stressing based on traditional African healing therapies to help relax and revitalise their mind, body and soul.



1. 25 and 26 July 2019, Fourways


Two consecutive days


Please contact us for more information on the course content, training schedule, cost and bookings.



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