Submitting Winning Government Tenders and Compliant Bids

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Tendering for government contracts is big business. It requires specialist skills to compile, submit and present compliant AND responsive bids. In addition, South African tendering rules have changed and contracts are awarded based on an organisation’s B-BBEE status.

This intensive 1 day course, presented by a South African tendering specialist, combines classroom exercises and case studies to ensure you gain a deep understanding of how government tenders are scored, evaluated, adjudicated and awarded.

Additionally, you will gain key insight into how to claim incentive points under the preferential point systems. Take this opportunity to give your organisation the best possible chance of winning new government business.

Your comprehensive programme includes:
• Understanding the tending environment in South Africa today - the benefits and the risks of large tenders
• Looking at the legislative environment for public bids
• Discovering how to make your bids compliant AND responsive, thereby avoiding instant disqualification
• Understanding and managing the public bidding process
• Looking into “non-priced” criteria that may be the difference between winning or losing the tender
• Claiming the maximum price and preference points under the 90/10 or 80/20 points systems
• Understanding what happens during the tender evaluation and adjudication stages
• Avoiding losing points under the revised B-BBEE levels


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