Supervisory Skills including Day 1 Disciplinary Enquiry

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Company/Provider: Global Business Solutions

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Cape Town

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Course Description

This course is specifically aimed at all entry level
supervisors who need to acquire the necessary skills
to effectively coordinate a team within their own
work environment.
Although the aim is entry level supervisors, current
supervisors and team members who wish to increase
their basic supervisory skills with the aim at
promotion within the organization could also attend
this course as a refresher or as part of succession
The course consists of the following modules:
1. Interpersonal Skills
2. Effective Teamwork
3. Creative Problem Solving
4. Leadership & Delegation
5. Coaching & Mentoring
The above modules can be broken down and offered
over a period of time or some can be removed all
together depending on the delegate / client’s needs.


5-6 & 19-20 July 2012 - East London


4 days



East London


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