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Talking on the telephone makes some people uncomfortable. This is made worse if they’re using the phone for business purposes. A key to overcoming this discomfort is training on how to handle others telephonically. Developing these necessary skills helps with client relations, business cold-calling scenarios and general phone etiquette. This practical workshop will focus on business standards to improve company image, enhance customer service and ultimately boost profits.


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086 111 83882


4 hours (half day)


Reasons for Telephone Skills
• Retain customers
• Gain new customers
• Exceed expectations
• Avoid repeat calls – be cost conscious and respectful
• Create a positive atmosphere
• Leave a lasting impression
• Diffuse anger
• Cut through confusion
• Show respect towards the tool that is responsible for generating
• Why not to perceive the telephone as an interruption
• Managing calls through good time management
• Ways to adopt a good in-house telephonically

Communication skills
• Procedures in answering or making calls
• Vocal tone, pitch, intonation, enthusiasm, promptness in
• Speaking with positive intent and professionalism
• Active listening, positive assertiveness and feedback
• Etiquette and procedures with cellular telephones
• Taking control of the call and staying focused
• Dealing with a variety callers and character profiles
• Adopting a ‘one company one image’ approach



Cape Town
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Cape Town - Southern Sun Hotel, Newlands

Johannesburg - Hackle Brooke Conference Centre, Randburg

Durban - Elarish, The Bluff

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