The Economy and Finance in Perspective

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SAQA US 7456; 7468 NQF Level 3; 4 11 Credits

Duration: 2 Days

Course Objectives: 1. To use mathematics to plan and control personal and/or household budgets and income and expenditure. 2. To use simple and compound interest to make sense of and define a variety of situations including investments, stokvels, inflation, appreciation and depreciation. 3. To investigate various aspects of financial transactions including costs, prices, revenue, cost price, selling price, loss and profit. 4. To use mathematics to debate aspects of the national and global economy. Who should attend?; Managers of small businesses; Junior managers of business units in larger organisations; Team leaders, supervisors, first line managers and section heads; 1st Level of management in an organisation who has employees reporting to him/her Course Contents: * Controlling Budgets; All about “projected income” How to monitor and control budgets; How to identify and control budget variances; How to investigate marginal costs, marginal revenue and optimisation of profit * Manage Interest; How to use simple and compound interest to make sense of and define mortgage loans, hire purchases, present values, annuities and sinking funds. • What is the difference between appreciation and depreciation?; What is the difference between effective and nominal rates? * Financial Instruments; What is the difference between insurance and assurance?; How to work with unit trusts, and stock exchange dealings; How to deal with options, futures and bonds * National Economy • What are the relations of tax, productivity, and the equitable distribution of resources to the national economy? • How to compare and describe exchange rates, imports, exports, comparative effectiveness of currency in relation to remuneration, monetary policy and the control of inflation.


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2 Days


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