The Legal Aspects and Processes of Collecting Debt

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The legal framework that today’s credit departments have to work under has made collecting money more difficult for companies. Many corporates are using these changes to avoid or delay their financial payment obligations.

This course will cover the key legal aspects and processes of collecting debt from the working of a sound credit application to preparing for debt enforcement and possible litigation. Areas such as fees, interest and other charges, debt enforcement in courts, dealing with liquidators or outsourcing difficult collections will be addressed.

Issues arising from the New Companies Act, National Credit Act, Consumer Protection Act and the Protection of Personal Information Act (POPI) will also be covered.

Your comprehensive programme includes:
• Introducing the SA legal debt system
• Looking into terms and conditions of trading, forms of security and legal aspects of credit applications
• Uncovering passing of ownership and risk laws in relation to securing debt
• Discovering legal options available to assist in recovering debt
• Knowing when to negotiate, arbitrate or litigate and prepare for court cases
• Looking at how to recover legal costs and interest options
• Evaluating credit bureaus for civil debt collection
• The effect on collections of Business Rescue (Chapter 6 of the New Companies Act)


JHB: 13 Apr 2015

CT: 11 Jun 2015


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