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A productive, professional Call Centre is the heart of any operation and business. Call centre employees who know how to handle the great variety of situations that present themselves with skill and professionalism will be an asset to the organisation.

In today’s highly competitive business environment and strenuous economic circumstances where customers have a wide variety of choice, it is your level of customer service that can make the difference between success and failure. Tony Allessandro said “Being on par in terms of price and quality only gets you into the game. Service wins the game”.

Call centre training will allow the employee to enter their work area with confidence that they are equipped to provide exceptional customer service, answer questions, deal with difficult or angry customers and communicate effectively.

Course Outline:

The first part of the workshop deals with the principles of call centre customer care, the most important elements of service delivery according to customers, emotional intelligence, effective communication and listening skills as well as the new trends and innovations in customer care. The second part is devoted to the practical implementation of the theoretical knowledge. Here the workshop uses blended learning, taking the knowledge from the first part and then practising the skills, with face to face role-plays and mock telephone conversations dealing with conflict, anger management and difficult conversations.
The importance of customer service to sustained business success

>What is excellent customer service?
>Customer service principles to deliver exceptional customer service
>Do’s of customer service
>Most important elements of service delivery
>Nothing is sweeter than your own name
>Key competencies call centre staff need for excellent customer service
>What value can a call centre add to the business?

What are the new trends in customer service?

>4 C’s of customer needs
>3 R’s for exceeding customer expectations
>Rater principle and the customer pyramid
>The 6 basic needs of customers and how to meet them
>How to strive for excellence
>How to incorporate Steven Covey’s 7 Habits of Highly Effective People©

Telephone etiquette

>Telephone etiquette
>Powerful telephone tips
>How to answer the telephone professionally
>Voice projection
>Zero tolerance behaviour
>How to calm down an angry customer
>How to have a difficult conversation
>How to turn complaints into opportunities
>Positive Scripting and Ownership of Conversations

Building Relationship with Colleagues and Customers

>Practical Assertiveness Skills to Deal With Difficult Situations
>Conflict Management
>The Dynamics of Cultural Diversity
>Dealing with Change and Transformation
>Managing Stress and Energy to Ensure Balance
>Breaking Old Patterns and Developing New Mindsets

Effective Communication and listening skills

>What is effective and successful communication?
>Verbal, written and non-verbal behaviours
>The 7 top barriers to effective communication
>How to listen actively
>The importance of feedback and how to encourage feedback
>How to use written communication effectively including e-mail

RACI Model for improved communication and teamwork

>Ingredients of a great team
>RACI Model of delegation, role division and work sharing

How to employ EQ to be a better communicator

>What is Emotional Intelligence?
>Empathy vs. Sympathy vs. Pity
>Practical emphatic communication
>EQ Principles and Abilities in EQ
>What to do with your emotions
>Emotion coaching

Practical implementation – Role plays and mock telephone interactions

How to stay calm and rational when faced with an angry or difficult customer using the skills and techniques learned from the first session.

>Face to face interaction with the customer
>The importance of body language
>Telephone skills


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