The Science of Facial Signs

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Course: The Iridology and Facial Signs

What you are feeling, experiencing as well as encountering on physical level is reflected in the face and body. Join in, in this course not only to understand others better but also to understand what is happening in your own body. What do you reflect?

The outcomes of this course are to enable the learner to:
Understand the science of Facial Signs
Assess the physiology of the body through facial signs
Recommend intervention programmes Duration of course: 10 one day workshops which includes the following subjects: 1. The science of facial signs 2. Facial signs and nervous system 3. Facial signs and circulation 4. Facial signs and digestion 5. Physiology of the ear 6. Physiology of the hand 7. Physiology of the feet 8. Languages of the tong and teeth 9. Facial signs and emotions 10. Facial signs and colour Course presenter: Dr Retha Knoetze and Dr. Org Knoetze
The workshops can be attended separately for own interest as well.


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