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In recent years the police have been working closely with financial institutions and cash in transit companies to prevent tiger kidnaps from taking place and to protect those people who may be most vulnerable to this kind of criminality. Significant steps have been taken to minimise the amount of cash accessible by employees and to improve security systems.

Current analysis indicates that the steps that the police have taken with the financial sector may have a displacement effect. A number of retailers and members of the licensed trade have already been victims of tiger kidnaps and we might anticipate that criminals will again focus their attention on such businesses as they try to get access to cash. In order for you to be protected from this risk it is essential that you make yourself aware of it with this training course.

The aim of this course is to raise awareness of tiger kidnap and how it impacts on both the individual employee and organisation as a whole.

Once you have completed this course you will be able to explain:

What is a tiger kidnap?
What are the characteristics of a tiger kidnap?
What are the trends associated with tiger kidnap?
Who is at risk from a tiger kidnap?
What information does the criminal need to know in advance of a tiger kidnap?
What is the modus operandi of tiger kidnap?
What are the business impacts of tiger kidnap?
How can you enhance your domestic and personal security?
How can employers enhance their risk management of tiger kidnap?
How can we assist the police with this type of crime?


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