Understanding the PFMA and Treasury Regulations

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The Public Finance Management Act (PFMA) and Treasury Regulations (TR) are designed to implement financial management principles in the public sector and require the national and provincial government departments to align their budgets to the achievement of their strategic plans. Failure to comply with this prescribed legislation could put performance and public service delivery at serious risk.

This 3 day course will assist managers in the public sector to understand and effectively apply the requirements of the PFMA, TR and other related legislation. This will include reference to the Institutions 2014 – 2019 strategic plans, National Treasury latest guidlines on: budget, MTEF, SCM, unauthorised, irregular and fruitless, wasteful expenditure.

Your comprehensive programme includes:
• Understanding the principles of the PFMA
• Identifying the roles and responsibilities of line managers regarding public financial management
• Understanding the components of the PFMA and TR
• Linking the budget to the strategic and operational planning within the MTEF
• Applying public financial management processes to revenue, expenditure, assets and liabilities to prevent unauthorised and irregular expenditure
• Applying risk strategies and internal control systems
• Applying the actions required for integrating of the supply chain management model into a government department’s management process


PTA: 23-25 Mar 2015
PTA: 3-5 Jun 2015


3 Days


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