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MS Excel is used in many financial departments, but most people only know a fraction of the many ways that Excel can be used to perform complex financial analysis.

This intensive course has been developed by an experienced financial manager and IT consultant, to introduce financial people to advanced ways that Excel can be used as a support tool for the financial function. The course focuses on the practical financial applications of MS Excel, and even the most advanced Excel user will be amazed at the extra functionality that they will get out of Excel with the least additional effort.

Your comprehensive programme includes:
• Setting up Excel databases and creating pivot tables
• Developing projection and trend analyses
• Importing data directly from a range of other applications, making a wider range of data and information available for use and analysis
• Setting up profit and cost variations, sensitivity and margin analysis spreadsheets
• Creating complex spreadsheets to reliably estimate ROI, cash flow and liquidity into the future, to assist in investment decision making and risk mitigation
• Using simple macros and advanced functions to manipulate data and automate the production of a range of management reports and charts


JHB: 13-14 May 2015

CT: 11-12 Mar 2015
CT: 22-23 Jul 2015

DBN: 7-8 May 2015


2 Days


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NOTE: At least 2 years’ experience working with Excel in a financial function is a pre-requisite for this course.



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