Video Based Course - Fundamentals of Onshore and Offshore Pipeline Systems

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This course on onshore and offshore piping systems is the trending area on study and has much scope in any type of pipeline industry. This course comes from the domain called pipeline engineering which consists of the planning of piping systems, technical sketching, designing of materials and selection of pipeline system, construction, maintenance and pipeline operations at onshore and offshore platforms. This course has vast scope in the industries such as pumping stations, storage stations, compressor drives, pipeline operation stations and control stations to carry fluids (gas or liquids) over remote distances. This nature of the job requires engineering skills that incorporate concepts not only from piping engineers but also from other engineering disciplines to handle and fulfill the pipeline operations.

This course is well designed to help learners acquire extended knowledge about the technical concepts on selection criteria, design, material selection, wear and failure, operations and pipeline systems. This course is designed in a well manner to develop the learners to achieve extended knowledge on pipeline systems and its advancements. Since this course emphasizes on the practical aspects, numerous practical examples have been included in the curriculum



5 Hours, 20 Minutes, 27 Seconds



Pipeline engineers
Pipeline network design engineer
Pipeline maintenance
Pipeline risk assessment engineer
Process engineers
Design technicians
Consulting Engineers
Engineering managers
Project Engineer


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