Web Fundi in three days

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Company/Provider: Multidimensions

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Cape Town / Johannesburg

South Africa

R 7050.00

Course Description

The web is an ever changing mixture of coding and design in persuit of the ultimate media marketing solution. In this workshop we showcase every facet of this incredibly diverse and ever changing marketing playground.

Take an journey through web languages, coding, WYSIWYG editors, design software, interactive design and much much more as we get you into hyper gear to face any web design challenge.

If you have some design knowledge but always wanted to get into the web design / development field then this is the course for you. We will show you everything to help you find your way in order to push your career into a web direction.


25-27 March 2015


3 full days


Training includes study material, a certificate of attendance, laptop rental as well as lunch.


5 Protea Place, Sandown, Johannesburg


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