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Make up your own Work readiness package from a selection of:

Communication Skills
Reading with understanding, listening actively, speaking clearly and thinking critically.

Career Management
Understanding that it is a lifelong process of investing resources and correct selecting of resources to achieve your career goals.

Ethical Conduct
Learning the correct ethical behaviour in a given society.

Time Management
Teaching you skills to become highly effective, by showing you how to identify and focus on activities that gives the greatest returns.

Business English and Report Writing
Practical learning off how to write business reports, memos and articles with the correct business grammar and format.

Performance Management
To plan for success by exercising conscious control over the amount of time spent on activities, especially to increase effectiveness, efficiency and productivity.

Customer Services
A companies most vital assets is its customers. Lets learn how to deal with them correctly!

Presentation Skills (personal Mastery / personal Branding)
Your personal brand is a promise to your clients and mostly to yourself. This includes quality, consistency, competency and reliability.

Organizational Effectiveness
Understanding how effective an organisation can achieve their goals and what is your individual contribution to this.

Basic Conditions of Employment Act
A well managed workplace enjoy reduced conflict and improved performance. Empower your staff with knowledge of BCEA.

Personal Management (Engaging, Coaching and Feedback with an action plan)
How to map a plan for your life that will involve setting short term and long term goals and investigating different ways to reach these goals.






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