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Managing staff under the South African labour law can be extremely challenging, especially with the CCMA and up to 24 month salary awards lying in wait for the uninformed. Just managing staff on a day to day basis is difficult enough, but when you have to look at disciplining or firing someone, you really need to be very careful of what you say and do.

This intensive 2 day training course provides managers with a practical knowledge of the legal aspects of managing people that can be used to their business’s advantage. Don’t get caught out with a limited knowledge of your legal responsibilities.

Attend this course with a top South African legal specialist and gain the essential information you need to keep in mind when managing, hiring, disciplining, censoring, dismissing or retrenching staff.

Your comprehensive programme includes:
• Understanding the current labour legislation in SA
• Looking at “employee rights” and how not to infringe these and still get the job done
• Communication rules and some procedures to follow when dealing with a “problem” employee
• Procedures to follow when interviewing and hiring
• Handling reports of discrimination or harassment
• Implementing and enforcing legal company policies
• Looking into cautions, verbal and written warnings, suspensions, hearings and actual dismissals
• Discovering how to prepare for a CCMA or labour court hearing and how to collect admissible evidence
• Knowing what to expect during a CCMA hearing


JHB: 17-18 Mar 2015
JHB: 8-9 Jun 2015

CT: 22-23 Jun 2015


2 Days


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