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Business people today communicate in writing such as letters, faxes, email, reports, minutes and memos. The effect of these communications can be improved if they are written clearly, concisely and in a readable way.

Whether you are drafting emails to colleagues or having to provide reports for your customers or managers, this intensive 2 day training course will provide you with easy to remember principles, suggestions and formats that can help you write better business documents.

This course will help all people in business, but especially those who are not writing in their first language to improve the overall quality of their writing by highlighting some easy to remember rules and practical everyday techniques that will keep your writing clear, simple and easy to read.

Your comprehensive programme includes:
• Understanding how writing better documents improves communication throughout your business
• Using the various business writing formats correctly
• Using mind mapping to organise ideas and conclusions in a coherent and logical manner
• Ensuring clarity and professionalism in your writing
• Avoiding common punctuation errors and mistakes
• Knowing how to prepare and write reports correctly
• Avoiding common errors that a spellcheck won’t spot
• Summarising complicated documents and your business concepts with accuracy
• Increasing the impact and readability of your writing
• Checking and proof reading skills to avoid errors


JHB: 3-4 Mar 2015
JHB: 29-30 Jul 2015


2 Days


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