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In a survey done by Grant Thornton International Business Report (IBR) and published in March 2007 (South Africa Good News, 2007), South Africa continues to be well ahead of the global average when it comes to the empowerment of women in business. Seventy-seven percent of South African businesses have women in senior management, compared to a global average of 59%, and the percentage of women in senior management in South Africa is 29%, compared to a global average of 22%. This places South Africa eighth, for companies employing women as senior management, out of the 32 countries surveyed. Twenty-six percent of companies surveyed chose the skills shortage as their main concern, according to a report issued by the Centre for Development and Enterprise (CDE). The skills shortage is most acute in the public sector and managers with financial and people skills are amongst the most sought after (Centre for Development and Enterprise, 2007). This is in line with the plea of the Minister in the South Africa's Presidency, Dr. EG Pahad to speed up training, mentoring and coaching of women identified as potential future leaders in the public sector.

The Executive Leadership Programme for Women in the Health Sector (ELP for Women) will therefore satisfy the demand as a result of the high percentage of women in senior positions. It also addresses the issue of skills shortages, emphasises the empowerment of women and facilitates women's progression to executive positions.

Target group Certification
• Women in upper management and leadership positions in the South African healthcare sector
• Successful participants will receive a co-certified Yale FPD certificate of completion for this short course

Programme design Accreditation
Distance education through comprehensive study manuals developed by experts in the field supported by contact sessions. Four 3- day sessions are scheduled during a 2-year academic period.
Accredited for 60 CEU’s (Y1 – 30) (Y2 – 30) on level 3

• Managing self (Personal Enrichment and Empowerment)
• Managing others (Human Capacity Development)
• Leveraging networks (the power to get things done)
• Managing finances
• Leading others
• Managing strategies
• Managing Change (Innovation and Creativity)
• Managing Risk
• Managing Quality


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Assessment Duration
• The formative assessment will be through both individual and group assignments. The group assignments will support the interaction of women in the health sector, promote sharing of knowledge and synergy and will enhance interdependence in the network. The summative assessment will be a practical project on strategic level focusing on both the external and internal environment with a vision to change something through the implementation of strategies and reporting on actual implementation thereof. The reporting back will be through a presentation to the group of participants and mentors and other stakeholders.
• 2 Years


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FPD Accreditation
FPD is registered with the Department of Education as a private institution of higher education in terms of Section 54(1) (c) of the Act and Regulation 16(4) (a). Our registration certificate number is 2002/HE07/013. All our teaching and learning programmes are designed to be cutting edge customized education that meets the specific needs of our students. Such programmes are developed within the regulatory requirements of the Department of Education, Council on Higher Education, the South African Qualifications Authority. The majority of our clinical programmes also slot into existing accreditation mechanisms such as the Continued Professional Development Programme of the Health Professions Council of South Africa.

Our courses are pitched on National Qualification Framework (NQF) level 4 to 7. We are also an institutional member of the South Africa Institute of Healthcare Managers and a member of the Association of Private Providers of Education, Training and Development.




Struland Office Park (East Block), 173 Mary Street, The Willows

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