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- This is a new busines which was discovered through Fleet Street Publication ( FSP) books from their monthly magazines with the name “ What Really Makes Money “ that I am subscribed to.The magazine gave details about where to study the course ( which takes one year ) with the price and the equipment included. It deals strictly with Herbalism and methods of health screening involved resulting in a Master Certificate in Herbalism and Therapeutic Nutrition qualification that is recognised by Wits University.

- The main reason for pursuing this business is to look after the health of a human being in a natural way rather than depending on a doctor for medicinal drugs which has got after effects on a person’s overall health.

1.2 Core Activities of Proposed Business
- The first one is to screen people’s health using Iridology and Biores equipment and thereafter giving them herbs and nutritional supplements to rectify and improve people’s health with lifestyle coaching included.
- The second one will be selling herbal remedies , health supplements, etc to public for generic health maintenance and improvement.

1.3 I also do Health & Wellness Presentation to companies and its employees with the aim of promoting natural health awareness and confidence.

List of Services

- Health & Wellness Presentation to companies
- Health Workshops and Seminars to companies
- Iridology Health Screening to staff
- Lifestyle Coaching and Councelling regarding health and wellness
- Recommendation on Herbs and Health Remedies
- Advise on Detoxification/Nutrition/Stress Management etc

Personal Profile

Health Screening Experience

I have done a lot of health screening in various companies and have also interacted with a lot of people in the health and wellness industries , as listed in my references below.

The following is a list of companies I have done screening with , MIBCO , Transnet , Gauteng Provincial Legislature , Zonke MS , Prime Meridian Insurance , NBC Holdings and The Careways Group.

Qualifications in Health

Master Certificate in Herbalism and Therapeutic Nutrition ( subjects )
- Clinical Herbalism
- Phytochemistry
- Anatomy and Physiology
- Communicable and Endemic Diseases
- Common Diseases and Injuries
- Pathology
- Life style Coaching and Councelling
- Traditional Medicine and SA Herbs
- Chronic Ailments and Screening Methods
- Herbal and Nutritional Therapeutics
NB : I have studied the above qualifications with Synergetica Academy and are now currently busy with the Diploma in the same field.

Practical Courses done

- Iridology Health Screening
- Biores Health Screening

My References

Liesl Townsend 0726244614
Synergetica Academy ( Marius Heroldt ) 0834838449
Geraldine Ogle 011 369 7561

Contact Person:
Mdu Nzama (Wellness Consultant)

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616 Eagle Str Diepkloof Ext 2
South Africa

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