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Life Ngn’ring (Life) is a niche wellbeing consulting company specialising Laughter Coaching for Corporate Wellness and Laughter Training.

1. Laughter Therapy and Coaching
South Africans are very stressed out with high crimes, unemployment, demands of the fast pace world and high cost of living. Highly strung where violence seemed to be the choice of outlet. Our message and mission is to awaken the inner spirit of laughter of the people. Using Laughter as life skill/tool to help people cope with life stressors. Its a simple yet very powerful life tool. The amazing part is that anyone can laugh anywhere anytime..!

2) A Laughter Yoga Professional :
Laughter workshops for - Corporate events: Laughter workshops as an effective tool for Stress Management, Performance Enhancement, Staff Development, Team Building, Strategy Sessions, Enhancing Creativity, Conferences, health & education events; Professional development seminars; Fundraisers and retreats; Corporate Wellness and One-on-one!

3) Laughter Trainer
We offer training to those who would like to become laughter coaches, laughter yoga professionals and laughter yoga leaders.

Contact Person:
Anjana Lala (Owner )

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Management & Leadership > Certified Laughter Coaching /Facilitation

Laughter Coaching for Inner Happiness, Stress Buster, Overall Health, ...

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Price: R 2500.00

Stress Management > Laughter Facilitator Course

Laughter Coaching is the latest Health Craze sweeping the world where ...

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Price: R 2500.00


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